A Slimmer, Leaner You – What You Need to Know Before Getting Laser Lipo


In Malaysia, more and more people are struggling to take control of their weight. Recent statistics revealed that up to 38.5% of the adult population is overweight. This shows a dramatic increase of 8.5% compared to the data collected in 2016 – just a year prior.


Now, if you’re one of the many Malaysians trying to melt away fat and achieve a healthier, slimmer look, you probably already know that weight loss is no picnic. Fortunately however, there are better, easier ways to get rid of excess fat. Learn everything you need to know about laser lipo treatment and get the body you’ve always dreamed with this revolutionary process.

What You Need to Know About Laser Lipo Treatment


  1. There Are Two Types of Laser Lipo Treatments – Laser liposuction is performed with the use of two different lasers. The first is the external laser treatment which is done over the skin with a pen or pad. Doctors use the external laser at the start of the treatment process in order to prepare the skin and underlying fat.


Once the external laser phase has been completed, doctors then use the internal laser which vaporizes fat. This is often connected to a small yet powerful suction that takes away processed fat cells to give you a sleeker, leaner appearance.


  1. It’s Not Always Pain Free – Remember that laser lipo treatment is a minimally invasive procedure. That is, your doctor will make a small incision on the area to be addressed. This then is where they will insert the internal laser to target body fat.


That said, you may experience some discomfort and pain during the procedure itself because it’s only performed under the use of a local anaesthetic. This is also true for post-op recovery when clients tend to feel sore and bruised. Nonetheless, the wounds do heal relatively quickly and you can be back to your usual activities just a few days after the procedure.


  1. Number of Sessions as Needed – How many laser lipo treatments do you need to get the results you want? Well, the answer is just one. Laser lipo treatment was designed to give you satisfying results in just one session, so there won’t be a need to revisit your doctor after the procedure is complete unless for a follow-up.


If you’re interested in having another laser liposuction treatment performed, you might have to wait a minimum of 6 months before you can go under the laser again. This is to give your body time to adjust to the treatment, and to see whether or not you really still need the procedure all together.


  1. Results are Near Instant – One of the reasons why laser lipo has become so popular is because it provides near instant results. So right after you step out of lipo procedure room, you can already see the changes the treatment has done to your body.


With laser lipo shape and slenderness are two changes that you’re most likely to notice. Your overall body shape improves as your skin hugs you more tightly to reveal your curves. This is because laser lipo also works to tighten the skin. You’ll also notice that areas that tend to bulge are no longer as pronounced as you achieve a sleeker, slimmer appearance all together.


  1. Recovery Period is Pretty Flexible – Right after you walk out of the clinic, you can resume work and other usual activities – give that they’re not that physically demanding. Other than heavy, physically demanding activities like lifting or cardio, you’re allowed to return to your usual routine without a worry.

The recovery period for laser lipo is pretty short, requiring clients to avoid strenuous activities for just around 2 weeks. After this time, you can basically do anything you want including working out at the gym.


There’s often a lot of smoke surrounding treatments like laser lipo which is why lots of people are hesitant to avail the service. If you’re hoping to lose a little extra weight here and there, visit a trusted laser lipo specialist near you and find out just how effective and safe the treatment can be.

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