How to Come up With the Best Layout Designs for Your Small Living Rooms

small living room


Every space has its own challenges when it comes to design; it however gets trickier when designing a small living room. This is especially so because the living room is where you spend most of your time, thus need it spacious. The other fact is that it says a lot about your fashion and design sense to your guests. Striking a balance between making the room feel as spacious as possible and at the same time fix in additional seats and coffee tables can be quite a task to most people.

However, here are some three useful design and furniture layout ideas that will transform your small living room. They will guide you on the best way how to adding in some extra sitting space without compromising the cozy environment you are used to.


Use multifunctional furniture

The Ottomans are not only modern and classy furniture items; they have a rare capability to small living room owners in that they can be used as either a coffee table or an extra seat.




You may also consider adding side tables or little versatile stools to your living space. These too can act as either extra seats or be brought together to act as a table.


living room mirrorAdding mirrors and wallpapers to your interior design

Incorporating wallpapers to your interior design is also a catchy way of diverting attention from the actual size of the room to its elegance. On the same breadth you may also consider adding a wall mirror to your wall paper design especially if your living room is short of windows. Having the mirror in a position right across the window not only adds more light to your living room but also gives an impression of another window given that it reflects the outside view.


Choosing small scale furniture with Hidden storage

Full size sofas and armchairs not only take much of the limited living room space, but also limit the sitting capacity; having said that, sectional sofa is one of preferred sofa types for limited living room space. Not only does it make a perfect choice in artfully partitioning the living room from dining spaces, but it also aesthetically blend kitchen and living in one continuation.

So, how to get it? You don’t have to go through all the troubles to get one for yourself. You can just get a cosy L-Shaped Sofa in Malaysia without any hassle through online.

On the other hand ditching the sofa and going for rather smaller settees, antiques, and love seats goes a long way in making your small living room fee spacious as well as increasing its sitting capacity. In such a setting, a storage ottoman can be added up as the coffee table. Because of its hollow interior, it allows for deposition of the clatter not in immediate use making your living room seem less congested.


storage ottoman

storage ottomans


Proper design and furniture arrangement will offer an unimaginable transformation to your small living room space. These two will make it feel more spacious and cozy while maintaining a sense of modernity. With these three amazing design and furniture arrangement ideas to implement, you will come to realize that your living room space wasn’t as limited as you initially thought.

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