Home Safety Tips for Older Adults


The number of elder adults living independently is growing each day. Therefore, there is need to ensure that they are safe at home bearing in mind they are elderly. Some common accidents at home involving the elderly include falls, poisonings, and burns.

Note that senior person who lives alone also fall victim of criminals who break into their homes. To keep them secure, hire security services in Singapore. They have systems to detect people who try to break into their homes. To avoid theft, an intrusion detection system would be most appropriate. If you are an older person, or you take care of the elderly at home, here are some tips to guide you ensure safety at home.

Keep emergency numbers 

It is important that you have a list of emergency numbers. Maintain the numbers in each phone at home. Alternatively, you can print the numbers in large enough prints to ensure that they can easily read them especially if they are in a hurry or frightened. List numbers of family members, friends and neighbours they can easily reach in case of an emergency. Other important contacts to keep include health care providers, poison control and 911.

Prevent falls 

If you have fallen before or you have difficulties in walking, it is advisable that you get an alarm that you put on as a bracelet. That means that if you fall and cannot reach your phone, you can easily push the button to raise the alarm. Do not hold on walls when walking, use a cane or walker.


Safety-proof your home 

It is important to prevent accidents rather than treat injuries from accidents. You need to make sure that your house is safe from any possible hazards. For instance, people should tape all area rugs to prevent them from moving as they walk on them. Use rails when going up or down the stairs. Remember to keep all hallways, paths and stairs clear of objects like shoes.


Bathroom safety 

Always ensure that your bathroom has enough lights especially at night. Mark cold and hot faucets apparently, use door locks that can open from the inside and outside and use non-slip mats on the floor since they prevent falls. If possible, only bathe when there is someone around the home because bathroom falls are common, and they can cause death.


Kitchen safety 

Always keep your kitchen floors clean, dry and uncluttered. All work areas in your kitchen should have enough light and mark the on and off positions of appliances with bright colours to avoid confusion. When cooking, avoid putting on long and loose clothing and store sharp objects like knives on a rack. Do not forget to rotate food and to check their expiry dates.


Drug safety 

Most elderly people have a lot of medicines to take dispose of if they are suffering from chronic disease. That means that extra care ought to be taken otherwise they might end up taking the wrong medication. To avoid that, clearly label all medicines, dispose old or used medications, avoid borrowing prescriptions from other people and consult your doctor before taking any non-prescribed drugs.

You can make your home safe from hazards and prevent accidents. All you just need to do is follow these tips and make necessary changes in your home.


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