Clever Ways To Make Your Small Room Not So Small Anymore

Small bedrooms can be a tough thing to deal with. If you try to cram too much stuff into a room like that, it can feel stuffy, unorganized, it can become difficult to keep clean, and can make your already tiny room feel even smaller. Below, we will go over some things that you can do in order to open up your room and create more space within it.

Platforms beds like this

Raising your Bed

Platforms beds like this will allow you to add an additional 30+ sq. ft. of storage in your room. By lifting your bed off the ground, it will create space to store pretty much anything that you can fit under there. One suggestion is to use bins that can slide under your bed. You can store the lesser used items in the middle because they are harder to get to.

If your bed is against a wall or in a corner, you can store the lesser used items towards the back of the bed outline. Use smaller bins to store items that you will use more often around the outline of the bed. This will allow you to maximize your storage space under your bed without making it difficult to reach the things you need to get to on a regular basis.

For additional storage, you can use platform stilts. The stilts will raise your bed off the ground even further which will allow you to double or triple the storage space available underneath.

Multi-functional Furniture

Visit your local furniture shop and search for furniture that can serve multiple purposes. Multi-functional furniture will allow you to decrease the amount of items that you have in your room and open up more space. Some examples include a headboard that has a built-in bookshelf and drawers or you can buy a futon which can be used as a bed or seating area.

Foldable Furniture

TV tables make great desks that you can set up anywhere and fold away when you are done. You can also get foldable chairs that you can take out for your guests. If you want to go all out, you can search for furniture that can turn into different items entirely. For example, you can get a love seat that can fold down into a coffee table.

Build Higher

Most ceilings are typically 8-10 feet tall regardless of the size of the room. Although you may be lacking in floor space, there will always be room to build higher without taking up additional area on your floor. Look for tall shelving units that will provide you with additional shelving and desks with attached bookshelves.

The classic example of this is bunk beds. If you are sharing a room with another person, bunk beds allow you to open up an entire half of the bedroom. If you are not sharing a room with anyone, you can take this same concept and apply it to your desk area. Raise your bed with a bunk setup and move in your desk and work space underneath to serve are your private office.

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