5 Touchup Tips for Wood Furniture in Malaysia

Caring for wooden furniture in Malaysia requires a delicate touch and a caring hand. Your furniture relies on you to stay in perfect condition, and the tips in this article help you with the maintenance of those furniture pieces. Follow these steps as carefully as possible to keep your furniture in top condition for as long as possible.

#1: Clean Regularly

Wooden furniture cannot withstand years upon years of neglect. Stains and debris on wooden furniture will eventually set in under the stain. You must scrape off old stains, and you will scratch the wood in the process. Regularly wiping down your wooden furniture keeps the furniture looking clean.

#2: Polish The Wood

You must polish the wood on your furniture every year to maintain the lustrous shine on the finish. Your wooden furniture must glow when people walk into the room, but you cannot recreate that glow with any other process. A special polishing oil must be used on the wood, and you must carefully work the oil into the wood. The oils you use on the wood keep it healthy, and you will maintain a proper level of moisture in the furniture.

#3: Refinish Old Furniture Pieces

Old furniture pieces in your home must be refinished when they are cracked, scratched and discolored. A professional furniture repairman can strip way the old finish, paint on a new stain and coat the stain for protection. You can bring an old piece of furniture back to life, or you may sell the furniture once it has been refinished.

#4: Touch Up Scratches

Your furniture could be scratched at any time during the year, and you should do your best to touchup small scratches. Many furniture companies provide touchup pens that help cover scratches, or you may use a small amount of stain to fix the scratch. Scratches turn into cracks easily when they are repaired, and you may take a proactive approach to furniture repair in your home.

#5: Work With Professionals

You should not entrust your beautiful wood furniture to amateurs who do not understand how to manage the pieces. Find a professional shop that handles wood furniture, ask their opinion and follow their instructions. A few more moments of research will save your most precious wood furniture pieces.

Keeping wooden furniture in Malaysia requires the use of every technique above. Follow the steps carefully as you care for your furniture, and remember that you are investing in the future of your furniture.

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