5 Tips on Using Modern Technology to Clean and Sanitise a Home or Business

If you want to keep a home or business sanitised, then consider investing in modern technology. Carpets and floors are the dirtiest areas of a home because dirt is carried in on everyone’s shoes. Instead of spending hours on your knees with a brush trying to get rid of debris, invest in machines to make the job easier.

Cleaning Tip One: Research Before You Buy Cleaning Equipment

Cleaning equipment is often expensive, and you should research before spending money on devices that are difficult to use or are ineffective. There are great ways to learn about different brands of cleaning devices, including reading online reviews and descriptions of products. You can also ask friends for their recommendations. For high-end equipment, a salesperson should demonstrate how the product works and permit you to use it first.

Cleaning Tip Two: Buy a Floor Scrubber Machine

A floor scrubber machine makes it easy to wash, dry and polish surfaces quickly at commercial and residential properties. A high-quality scrubber machine is designed to fill with water and detergent easily before pushing it over a floor as it suctions debris. Some of these devices create a high-temperature to steam and destroy pathogens such as germs, bacteria and mould spores. After the dirty water is suctioned into a receptacle, you empty it into a sink for disposal.

Cleaning Tip Three: Clean Rooms from the Top to the Bottom

The best way to clean rooms is from the top to the bottom with a vacuuming cleaner that has extension suctioning tools. Use these attachable nozzles to reach places such as the corners where there are spider webs or the tops of doors and window frames where dirt collects. Next, use a round brush attachment to suction dust from walls, ledges and furniture before beginning to vacuum the floor. Choose a vacuum cleaner with a thin attachment to reach underneath beds, chairs and couches to remove dust that collects in these narrow spaces.

Cleaning Tip Four: Sanitise with an Ultraviolet Cleaning Wand

It is easy to buy a device that helps to eliminate germs on surfaces such as light switches and bathroom countertops. Several companies sell ultraviolet cleaning wands that provide additional protection from bacteria that cause illness. This new cleaning technology operates with electricity or batteries and requires only a few seconds to use. Medical facilities use ultraviolet cleaning wands to destroy pathogens that are missed by professional janitors, and you can buy a smaller model to use in a business or home.

Cleaning Tip Five: The Importance of Owning a Carpet Machine

Instead of renting a poor quality carpet machine to shampoo fibres, check out the new carpet cleaning machine models available for use by business managers and homeowners. In the past, these devices were heavy and difficult to use, but there are modern carpet machines that are designed to lift and suction debris from wall-to-wall carpeting and leave the surface dry enough to use within one hour.

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