5 Secrets to Decorating a Small Living Room

5 Secrets to Decorating a Small Living Room

Decorating in a place with a tiny family room can be a bit of a challenge. After all, every square foot is precious when you don’t have a lot of floor space to work with. However, with some smart choices, even the humblest living room can be made into a breathtaking space.


1- Purchase dual purpose pieces

Living in a small space means that your pieces need to pull double duty. Specifically, any ottomans, coffee tables, or desks in your living room should double as storage pieces.


furniture size

Pick furniture size that fit to your living room.


2- Pick appropriately sized furniture

While that oversized sectional may look great in the store, it is going to overpower your space. The end result will be a living room that looks crowded and small. Instead, buy appropriately sized living room furniture that flows in your space.


wooden furniture

Go for wooden furniture to change out the cushions to re-vamp your look.


3- Don’t be afraid of wooden furniture

Lately, living rooms have trended toward exclusive use of upholstered pieces. Wooden furniture, however, takes up a smaller footprint than padded counterparts. For example, a pair of wooden chairs provide much needed seating without taking up too much space. Additionally, you’ll only have to change out the cushions to re-vamp your look.


4- Keep contrasting colours to a minimum

While you do want a variety of shades in your room, try to keep a cohesive theme throughout the living room. Otherwise, the space is going to look busy and crowded. To play it safe, only pick one contrasting colour and use it sparingly.


wall mounted entertainment

Consider wall mounted entertainment to save up lot of spaces in your living room.


5- Think about a wall mounted entertainment centre

Sure, TV stands look great. However, your small living room just might not have the space. Instead, mount your TV to the wall, and add wooden shelves all around to hold DVDs, books, magazines, and remotes. For an extra pop, match the shelves to any other wooden furniture you have in the room.


Tips how to decorate a small living room

If your living room feels like the size of a matchbox, don’t assume it’s a lost cause. Even the tiniest of spaces can look fantastic with the right choices. Once your hard work is completed, you’ll have a living room that flows well, offers plenty of storage, and looks great.

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